William Joseph (Willie) Landon

Willie and Frances Belle Landon

Probably, Yacolt, WA circa 1900

A group of McCutchen neighbors posing on a buckrake, cira 1920. The back
of the photo tells us that the man to the far right is Willie Landon
and the lady on the right is Edith Landon Batchelder, Willie's daughter.

Willie was in Yacolt between 1894 and 1900. His name appears in school records there. He wasn't on the school board as JM was, but he was a supporter. However, BLM records show that a William Landon homesteaded land in Okanogan County in 1907. Here, in 1914, he experimented with raising hops. His sister, Mary, left us several books and ledgers concerning family business and one of them has records of this interesting venture in it. See Growing Hops for more.

Edith married Frank Batchelder. She became a published poet and writer. Willie's other chidren were Franklin Joseph Landon and Belle, who married George Laubner. (Stanfield) There was also a Hugh Landon, which I thought at one time was a son of Willie's. This does not seem to be so and I've not been able to identify his relationship to us. He lived in Yacolt and his children, shown in the picture bleow played with the George McCutchen children in the 1920's.