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* my father, George Ashworth McCutchen, from stories I recorded with him not long before he died in 1957.
* my oldest brother, George Cole McCutchen, from an account written not long before he died in 1996.
* my brother, Robert James McCutchen, about his childhood and the stories he’d heard. He is 80.
* my mother, Myrtle Cole McCutchen Steighers, from stories she’d heard my father tell during their 29 years of marriage. She died in 1997.
* my cousin, Eldon (Cap) McCutchen, from stories he heard from his father, William Landon McCutchen, and recorded on tape. He died in 1984.
* my sister, Lucille, from her childhood and stories she’d heard. She died in 1999.
* my cousin, Vera Miley White, about her childhood at the Coles and from the stories she’d heard as a child. She is 80.
* my Aunt Edith Cole Miley, from her childhood

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Turner, Mary Etta McCutchen. McCutchen Genealogy. Started by Mary Etta McCutchen Turner, the youngest daughter of Alfred and Elizabeth McCutchen, and JM's youngest half-sister. She died at age 94 in 1961 but the genealogy was kept current by her daughter and granddaughter until at least 1966. Information in this document can be trusted as accruate through Mary Etta's grandparents, James and Elizabeth Wear.

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