McCutchen, Landon and Cole Land Transactions

in Yacolt Washington, 1900-1956


  1. (brown) BLM patent to C. Landon, 132 acres in 1900.
  2. (green) BLM patent to J.M. McCutchen, 160 acres in 1901
  3. (tan) Woody sold to JM, 177 acres in 1907.
  4. (teal) Garner sold to JM, 6 acres in 1904.
  5. (pink) *JM sold to L.M. Cole, 40 acres in 1910.
  6. (purple)**George A sold to George C, 80 acres in 1956.
  7. (lt. pink) land thought to belong to L.M. Cole but not documented yet.

References for 3-7, see below

3. State of Washington Warranty Deed, # 25043
4. State of Washington Warranty Deed, # 15051
5. State of Washington Mortgage, # 45877. I do not have record of when JM bought this land.
6. L.M. Cole's grandson, Ralph, who lived with him for several years states that this was Cole land. (resource) also states that Cole land abutted the school property and the dairy provided milk for the students in the school. The Cole home was on the east 40 of this land.
7. State of Washington Bill of Sale # G203747. I do not have record of when George A bought this land but his son, Robert, says it was bought in a parcel with #8, originally in L.M. Cole's name.
8. Land bought at the same time as #7, above, and kept by L.M. Cole.

Map is from the 1963 Clark County Assessment Records.