McCutchen Books by
Helen (McCutchen) Whitworth



A romantic historical novel based on JM McCutchen's family. First edition: 2006. Second edition: 2015. The heroine of the story is Betsy Sloan, who became JM's stepmother. Availabe on Amazon. Price $8, Kindle only $2.99.

Gen 1 Cover1834-1882

New: The Northwest McCutchens: Generation One

A novel about JM and Mary McCutchen based on stories told to the author and others by the JM McCutchen's children, and supported by actual facts. 288 pages, supported with geneologies for McCutchen and Landon, a short history of the Civil War in Missouri and a short history of the Civil War in Montana. A must have for anyone interested in McCutchen history!
Available on Amazon. Price $12.95. Kindle will be available in early 2018.


The Northwest McCutchens: Generation Two

Planned for a 2018 publish date. This will be about the family's three year covered wagon trip to Western Washington and will end after JM dies.

1884-about 1960

To come after that:

A third book, as yet unnamed, about JM's children and their families, especially the author's father's family (George). Anyone who wants to provide information on the activities of JM and Mary's other children and their families during this time is invited to contact Helen at